Tennala Siberians
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Keisha and AJ are proud parents of 6 babies.They were born on June 23,2018.
We don't hold a puppy without a deposit. Your deposit will come off the price of the puppy. We ask for a $100.00
deposit. We don't take deposits on eye color because they could change around 4 or 5 weeks of age. Deposits are NOT refundable.The puppies will go to our Vet before leaving here. They will have their first shots and have a good, clean health check before leaving also. They are AKC reg, and both parents have been raised and can be seen here.

PINK Collar   Female     black and white   2 weeks old
RED Collar      Female    black and white  2 weeks old
Light Green Collar   Female  black and white   2 weeks old
Purple Collar    Female  black and white   2 weeks old
 Male        RED       2 weeks old
 MALE      Black and White     2 weeks old